The Widow’s Fake Fiancé

Scott got a call from his dad…

Now, he needs to get married before he turns thirty. See, he needs to grow up and be more responsible. He can’t go from woman to woman like some kind of dress rental. Sure, he wants to enjoy his life of being a nightclub owner and expand the family business. But it’s only gonna happen one way.

If he finds a woman to marry him.

That’s where Justus Harris comes in. She’s a widowed single mom who just moved back into town. And what was supposed to be a fun night out at a club opening ends with Scott asking her to fake marry him.

And she says yes!

These two are crazy together. They laugh. They love. And they try to pull one over Scott’s father. But did they really pull one over the old man… Or did he pull one over them by getting them to fall in love… for real?