The Singer’s Fake Fiancé

Evan’s grandmother is dying and wants to see him married before she passes.

Evan needs to get married and he needs to get married fast. But no woman is going to agree to a whirlwind romance. So what’s he to do?

He decides to get fake engaged.

But this is a hard thing to convince another girl to do. Even for someone as fine as Evan. So he ups the stakes.

And takes a half million dollar bet.

Now he’s gotta find a woman crazy enough to go along with the plan. That’s where Bella Garner comes in. She’s the lead singer of a band and has a seven year old daughter. She wants to be a famous musician and Evan Atwell, agent for the record label, is her ticket to the big time. She’ll get fake married to him to make her dreams come true. But what does she do when the feelings become real and the lies just keep piling up?

Discover what happens in this thrilling BWWM romance!