Triple Bond

Regina never thought she needed a man to be happy… then Michael came. Except, he didn’t make her smile with joy. No, he made her furious.

Sure, Regina has always been a bit stubborn and independent. That's what makes her such a good lawyer. But now she’s in a bind because she has to resolve her mother’s estate and, for the first time, she needs some help. She caves, puts her ego aside, and reluctantly asks for assistance…

And gets Michael Pickett.

Seriously? Did it have to be him? Sure, he’s a brilliant attorney with a body to die for. And yeah, he definitely fills out a suit in the most delicious ways, but… he’s the most stubborn and independent person she’s ever met since…

She’s looked in the mirror!

That’s right. He’s a male version of Regina—the two of them constantly at odds until they realize one simple thing:

Sure, they hate each other with a fiery burning passion.


They might also love each other with that same intensity.