The Photographer’s Fake Fiancé

James had his dream job...

Too bad his parents didn’t care. They were crotchety old people that called James and told him that if he wasn’t going to run the family business, then he needed to get married or kiss his inheritance buh-bye.

Face it. This white boy is screwed, and not in a fun way.

Or is he? Because overhearing all this is Rhonda, an assistant to a fashion designer. This girl has seriously got the hustle because she just walks up to James and admits she was eavesdropping! And to top it off, she tells him that she’s got a solution to his problem—she’s going to fake marry him and he fund her fashion line.

Yup. The fashion industry is hella weird.

James is going along with the plan because lets face it, Rhonda is fine. Rhonda doesn’t have a problem with the plan because James is handsome as sin and there’s a payoff for this Black queen’s dreams. But what happens when the payoff stops being money… and becomes love?

Discover what happens in this thrilling BWWM romance! Part of the UnReal Marriage series of standalone romances!