The Lord’s Fake Fiancé

Chris is English royalty… And now he’s getting kicked out of America.

You’d think being an English Lord would give a guy some leeway with the immigration authorities, but ICE doesn’t care. His visa isn’t renewed and now he’s got to leave the United States. So, he does the only thing he thinks will let him stay…

He gets fake married to the delicious Black Queen, Ana.

She’s a model he met in a coffee shop and from the first moment she thought he was fine. So fine she’s totally cool with lying to the Department of Homeland Security. You know how sinfully delicious a man’s gotta be to make you risk jail time?

But is it worth it?

Because it started out as just a simple transaction, no strings attached. But then feelings got involved and it got messy. Will it get too messy for this fancy English Lord and this Black Queen from New York City? Or will they make it last? Can English royalty mix with urban chic?

Discover what happens by one-clicking this hilarious BWWM romance!