The Reporter’s Fake Fiancé

Lana is about to supercharge her career. Except there’s one problem… She needs to marry her hated rival to do it!

Seriously, it’s like Tate Anderson was created by God to be a pain in Lana’s luscious backside. Everything about him rubs her the wrong way. They way he’s constantly one upping her. Or always there to swoop in whenever she makes a misstep.

She’d be perfectly fine ignoring him, but now this Black Queen must marry him!

See Tate and Lana are the best reporters in their field. So when their boss needs two of his greatest to pose as a couple and bring down a shady operation, he’s got only one place to turn.

They don’t need to like each other—just pretend to love each other.

You’d think something like this would be easy to two seasoned professionals. But never discount what happens when you put opposites in the same vicinity. When Lana and Tate are forced to work together, will they realize that pretending to be in love isn’t as hard as it looks? Especially if there’s already something there to start?

Discover what happens by one-clicking this sensually sweet BWWM romance!