The Contestant’s Fake Fiancé

A single mother running her own store in South Carolina? Of course this Black Queen has money troubles!

See she runs a pet store and it’s her dream. But business has been slow and her landlord isn’t going to give her a break. She either needs to pay up or move out. Except, she can’t shut down the store because it’s how she supports her daughter.

Good thing there’s a man out there willing to save her… for his own reasons.

Meet Zak Strauss—he just won a contest and it made him a millionaire. There’s just one problem… He needs to be married to claim his winnings. And it’s the contest is taking his word for it—they’re checking up on him and are going to do a follow-up interview. Yikes!

Martha needs money. Zak needs a wife. It’s a match made in grifter heaven. Though they’re gonna have to get their stories straight…

Now Zak is gonna need to be careful he doesn’t fall in love with Martha or get too attached to her wonderful daughter who treats him like a dad. Meanwhile, Martha will have to not fall for this handsome white boy who is saving her dreams.

Should be easy right?

Discover what happens by one-clicking this sensually sweet BWWM romance!