Fast and the Furriest

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Published: October 21, 2015
Length: Short Novel
Tiger Tails #1
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Ladies, like a tiger's stripes? Tug his tail and keep him forever!

The wolves came first. Followed by the bears. Finally, lions decided to play in the spotlight, but the tigers have held off. Let everyone else get stared at. Ares was happy on his mountain with his pride while humans thought they knew all about the different shifter species.

Their secret was safe…until her. One reporter took tigers from the shadows and thrust them into the limelight by releasing a picture of a tiger shifting. Specifically — him.  (What could he say? A little moonlight, a little fur…)

Now he has a town of stripe-hunting women looking for a tiger’s tail to pull and… a full moon on the horizon.

Can he keep his tigers from being mated against their will? Better yet, can he forgive the one woman responsible for outing his species?  Ares isn't sure, but he's willing to give it a shot.

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Ares never thought he’d say the words in his lifetime, but he opened his mouth and out they came. “You can’t eat a human just because he looked at you funny.”

His sister Claire glared at him. “He was gonna pull my tail.”

God save him from paranoid tigers. He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose as he asked the obvious question. “Were you wearing your tail?”

“No,” she grumbled.

“Then please tell me, by all that is striped and orange, how the hell did you think he could tug your tail if you weren’t wearing it?” Claire winced, and he realized he may have been shouting by the time he finished his question.

But who could blame him? His mother should have killed Claire at birth. Not because anything was wrong with his sister, but mainly because twenty-two years later, she was a real pain in Ares’s ass.

He took a deep breath and tried to find some sort of calm. It hadn’t worked so far, but a man could hope. “Claire, you know how it works, we all do.”

Mating was a three-step process for tigers. Sex without a condom to give their partner a few shifter characteristics and see how their significant other handled those changes. Then a bite made the changes permanent.

Neither was the true tie that would complete a mate bond, though. The most important, the action that once taken could never be reversed, was the tail-tugging. It went soul deep and formed a bond that only death could break. With or without bites, that one act couldn’t be revoked. For a tiger to have their tail pulled, to have that binding forced on them…

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You’re Kitten Me

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Published: November 11, 2015
Length: Short Novel
Tiger Tails #2
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Want to mate a wolf? It's easy. Just make him—er, her—howl.

Braden, the second in the national weretiger pride, put Veronica on a plane back to wolf lands for her own protection. With DoPE—the Department of Paraphysical Entities—secretly determined to control shifters through any means necessary, he needed her out of harm’s way. Especially since “any means necessary” includes the forced mating of the daughters of alphas to humans of DoPE’s choice.

But going home didn’t keep Veronica safe—DoPE still went after her—so now she’s back in Wilden… Back with him. With her so close, her delicious scent calling to him, taunting and teasing him at every turn, he’s not sure he can resist the curvaceous, delicious Veronica much longer. Screw it. He can’t. He wants her and he’ll figure out a way to have her—even if he is a tiger and she’s a wolf.

Except DoPE hasn’t given up. They have new tricks up their sleeves—deadly ones—and they’re resolute to test them on Braden. Can he survive their tactics and keep Veronica safe?

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There could only be one reason for her father’s decision. Only one reason he’d lost his mind and ordered Ronnie back to tiger land, er, Wilden. A wolf in a pussy town? Yeah, no.

She stepped closer and laid her hand on his forearm. Her movements were slow and careful so she didn’t draw the national wolf alpha’s anger, only his attention. “Daddy?”

He swung his amber-eyed gaze to her, fury blazed across his features. She couldn’t blame him, not after the previous night.

“What?” he snarled.

The flesh beneath her fingers vibrated with his anger, and the scent rolling off him nearly had her baring her neck in an act of self-preservation. It was only her wolf’s strength, and the knowledge he’d never hurt her, that kept her on two feet instead of her knees. Everyone else in the room had dropped to the ground long ago. Colin, the beta, stared at her, his eyes wide and beseeching. She could practically hear his voice in her head.

Submit and shut up already. What the fuck is your problem? 

Her problem? Her daddy needed someone to break the cycle before he tore apart half the world with his anger. Okay, not literally half the world, but the man could do some damage.

She ignored his snapping and kept her voice solemn, her face serious as she met his gaze and answered his question. “Crack is whack.”

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