Roslyn’s Revelation

His boss wants her business. He wants her body.

Of course Roslyn is going to look at the totally drop dead gorgeous nightclub executive who calls himself Jackson with suspicion. He works for her business rival! Someone who wants to crush her hopes and dreams of the nightclub she started and buy it out from under her. 

No way is she gonna let that happen. 

But then Jackson does something that surprises her—he helps. First by telling her what’s coming and how to prepare, and then by actively helping her business grow. 

But can she trust him?

And more importantly, can she afford to fall in love with him? Because they’re in such close proximity, and the attraction has always been there, they’re catching feelings. Something like that could wreck her dreams a whole lot more than a business rival. What’s she gonna do?

Discover what happens in this thrilling BWWM romance!