The Purple Alien Prince’s Pregnant Captive

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Published: April 5, 2018
Length: Novella
In the Stars Romance #1

One night with the delectable human female wasn’t enough for this alien prince…

Baila spent one night with the sexy alien—over six feet of purple hotness—and now she’s paying the price. The cost? One great big (purple) alien bun in her very human oven. With no alien partner in sight, she’s determined to take care of herself (and her baby) on her own. Except, it’s hard to hold down a job as a sexy waitress with a huge stomach the color of grape Kool-aid. Jobless and twenty-four hours from being evicted, she runs into the person she never thought she’d see again…

Zyriq Rukzahl—Captain of Warking’s Blade, Morean male, greatest lover of all time, baby daddy, and… kidnapper.