Feral Fated Mate

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Published: December 16, 2020
Length: Short Story
Genre(s): ,

Garran’s just a small-town werewolf in the big city, and he’s on the prowl for some action. When he catches the scent of the pixie Lurella, he knows she’s his destiny.

One problem… She’s wearing cursed shoes that make her flee from her one, true love!

How is Garran supposed to convince Lurella she’s his if he can’t even get close? Turns out Lurella’s jilted ex is a warlock and if her ex can’t have her, no one will. The warlock laid this wicked curse that will drive them apart for eternity.

But Garran won’t give up.

With his pack of wolf shifter brethren at his back, Garran is determined to find a way to be with Lurella. In order to break the curse, he’ll need to find heart, courage, tenacity and… an ice sculpture in the shape of a goat.

Can they break the curse in time for their happily ever after? Or is Lurella doomed to wear the shoes even after they go out of style?