Fae Lady Rebellion

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Published: December 22, 2021
Length: Novella
Real Men of Othercross #6

Wren is determined to have an adventure this holiday season, but no one mentioned she might find her mate!

Chafing under the watchful gaze of her overprotective big brother, Wren Oberon had to use all of her fae powers to get her sneaky-sneak on so she could attend the holiday party of the year at Othercross. Now she finds herself in a compromising position with no help in sight—until some random wolf shifter comes to her aid in a most dramatic fashion.

When he claims to be her fated mate, Wren begins to wonder if she might need a second rescue. Before she can determine if the guy's a nutjob, her hot-headed brother finds her and locks her away for her own good. But Wren can't stop thinking about the sexy shifter and what their mutual attraction might mean. Can she figure out a way to escape her brother's enchantments or will she live the rest of her life wondering what might have been?