Jessica’s Journey

This white boy legit has her future in his hands.

Of course Jessica is going to be hella suspicious. He’s too good to be true, handsome, considerate, and gets along with her little boy. Really, he simply makes her life as a single Black mom in the city even easier.

But he can’t be that perfect… right?

Jessica has been hurt—her heart beaten—too many times to count. She’s put her career, her life, and the happiness of her little boy on the belief that Mike is a good man.

But is he gonna come through?

Is he going to break her heart and walk away like others? Or is he going to treat Jessica like the powerful Black queen she is, do right by her, and make her his forever?

Discover what happens in this sensual interracial romance! Part of the Sistaz Club series!

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Roslyn’s Revelation

His boss wants her business. He wants her body.

Of course Roslyn is going to look at the totally drop dead gorgeous nightclub executive who calls himself Jackson with suspicion. He works for her business rival! Someone who wants to crush her hopes and dreams of the nightclub she started and buy it out from under her. 

No way is she gonna let that happen. 

But then Jackson does something that surprises her—he helps. First by telling her what’s coming and how to prepare, and then by actively helping her business grow. 

But can she trust him?

And more importantly, can she afford to fall in love with him? Because they’re in such close proximity, and the attraction has always been there, they’re catching feelings. Something like that could wreck her dreams a whole lot more than a business rival. What’s she gonna do?

Discover what happens in this thrilling BWWM romance!

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Patrice’s Passion

She wrecked his car. Then he got her number.

Sure, it’s not the most conventional way to meet your knight in shining armor, but Patrice was never a conventional sort of girl. She was just bar tending at Sistaz till she got her creative writing degree and then she’d be out. 

Then Chase walked in. 

From the start, she knew there was something about him. He just HAD it. Whatever it was. It definitely worked for her. 

She was putty in his hands. But so was every other girl. The guy worked in freakin’ PR. That’s what those PR executives are supposed to do—seduce. He might say he loved her...

But was the love real?

Or would it just disappear when he left New York City for work? Was she just a squeeze for the moment? Or was there something real that she could start to build her life on? 

Discover what happens in this thrilling BWWM romance!

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Charlene’s Choice

He gave her a tip. She wanted it all.

Charlene just graduated from college and was ready to put an end to her time in a waitress uniform—more than ready to move up in the world at Sistaz.

Then her whole night changed.

First, she had to handle a table of rowdy drunks. Then, the one dude she thought was a gentleman, left her a huge tip… and his phone number.

Seriously? Was he trying to pick her up while his friends were being obnoxious? Please. There was no way Charlene was going to entertain the affections of some stuck-up lawyer.

Except he kept coming back.

And you know what? She’s starting to like him. Sure, his friends are garbage, but this dude has a certain charm. He’s handsome as sin and he knows how to make her laugh. She feels like he could be the one…

Will Logan the lawyer convince her he’s legit? Will Charlene close off her heart and say no? Will they find love together or are they doomed to remain single?

Discover what happens in this thrilling BWWM romance!

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