You’re Lion

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Published: July 3, 2012
Length: Short Story
Ridgeville #2
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Newly turned lioness Maya Josephs is  so  not good at being the prima of the Ridgeville pride. She doesn’t give a damn about protocol or hierarchy, and the last thing she wants to do is play nice with the pretentious tigress shifter leader who’s come to pay her respects. Especially since the little bitch seems entirely too grabby with her mate, Alex, for Maya’s taste.

With new pregnancy hormones making her inner kitty extra bitchy, Maya’s not sure who she’s going to murder first: her gyno for discovering the pregnancy, her guards for following her every move (and annoying the living shit out of her), or the striped beyotch cooing over Alex. Screw it. She'll start with the tigress and work her way around to the other two.

Lucky for everyone involved, it’s a good thing Alex knows how to tame her inner she-cat…and make her purr.

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God save Maya from every overprotective, pigheaded, butt sniffing, meddling men–even if they were lions.


What could be the source of her frustration? Perhaps it had something to do with the five–count ‘em,  five–werelions guarding her, while she waited her turn at the gyno’s office. To make things that much more unbearable, each one of ‘em looked ready to pounce on and destroy anyone or anything that came within a few feet of her. Great. Just the sorta thing that these pregnant woman needed in their already difficult lives. Surely, she thought.

The door on the other side of the room opened and a familiar woman poked her head out. Maya immediately recognized her as one of the nurses, and breathed a huge thank-fucking-god sigh of relief when she heard her name called.

“Maya Josephs?”

Her quintet of “guard dogs” responded in unison. “It’s O’Connell.”

Maya rolled her eyes, unable–or maybe unwilling–to stop the growl that roared from her chest. She gave her inner furball lioness bitch a mental high five for that sound of hostility. She’d be damned if she took her mate’s name just yet. Both sides of her–human and she-cat alike–were pretty pissed about the lack of something sparkly on the ring finger of her left hand. It’d been months since their mating–which he’d done on the sly by the way,thankyouverymuch,  and Maya was still without the customary ring she could flash to all of her non-furry friends. The other shifters had congratulated her on their mating, but her human friends were left to wonder when she and Alex would be getting hitched.

Maya was still having the whole “last name” argument with the entire effing pride it seemed. And, as far as she was concerned, until she and Alex said their “I dos,” she was gonna cling to Josephs like she was a starving Spider Monkey that held the last banana in the freakin’ jungle.

“Um, Miss Josephs?” The nurse raised her brows and Maya hopped to her feet, before the “Fearsome Fivesome,” as she jokingly named them, could interject (again), and practically ran toward the door.

Of course, the idjits just couldn’t let her go get her “hoo-ha” examined alone. Nope, they all charged after her, no doubt scaring the poor nurse silly, since the woman suddenly bolted from the doorway the moment Maya reached for the knob. Before stepping into the gyno office’s inner domain, she turned and faced her unneeded–and unwanted–werelion guards (because, really? Who in the hell was going to come after little ol’ her, especially at the doctor’s office? ) and glared at them en masse. “No. Bad kitties. Sit.  Stay.

“But–” started Wyatt.

“Prima…” Deuce chimed in.

“The Prime said–” Harding added.

“Alex gave us strict orders,” Neal interrupted.

Then, a gruff voice rose above the rest. “Leave her be.”

The last three words came from her favorite “babysitter,” Brute, (whose real name was Brutus, but nobody called him that, for fear of being beaten to a bloody pulp by his deadly hands), and she jumped at his uttered orders as if they were a freaking lifeline.

“Super! I’ll see y’all in a bit!”

With a forced smile and a quick wave, she chased after the nurse, leaving five grumbling werelions in the crowded waiting area. She felt bad for the pregnant women who’d be surrounded by all of that testosterone. Well, mostly sorry, at any rate. Because, only two people in the world were allowed to see her vagina, damn it. The man who fucked it stupid (thank god for that), and the man who made sure it stayed healthy. The quintet would just have to wait outside.

After a quick weigh-in (she opted not to look) and a check of her blood pressure (you go healthy chubby chick!), the nurse led her to the bathroom to pee in a cup. Now that she was sexually active, she had to endure the whole pregnancy-check-thingie before they’d give her another quarterly birth control shot. Whatever. She’d pee until the cows came home if it meant that she and Alex could continue to forgo the use of condoms.


Her business finished, Maya headed over to the exam room and frowned at the folded paper outfit resting on the table. Ugh. She rather hated getting nekkid here, and being wrapped up in a thin, napkin-like sheet didn’t make her feel any better.

No way to avoid it, though.

After making sure the door was nice and secure, she stripped and donned the provided flimsy gown, then plopped her jiggly ass on the exam table and waited. And waited some more. Man, she really hoped one of the doctor’s patients wasn’t in labor. ‘Cause gynos were notoriously known for being called away to do the whole push-push-push-catch-thing.

After what felt like forever, a soft knock sounded, and the man of the hour, Doc Molloy, poked his head in. “Ready for me?”

Pre-Alex, Maya had had a love-hate relationship with her gynecologist. On one hand, Dr. Molloy was uber hawt. But on the other, she’d had to strip buck naked and let him poke at her vag…and not in a very fun way, mind you. Shit, he’d never even bought her dinner first.

Presently, her lioness hated the human male, and wanted to scratch his face off for even thinking of touching her. Apparently, that was how mated she-cats responded to the men that weren’t their mates.


“Yup. Ready as I’ll ever be.” She smiled, simply because it was that, or hiss and growl at him, something that her lioness was itching to do.

Upset kitty was clawing at her insides, growling, hissing, and spitting, protesting the presence of the male…especially because of the reason why the stranger was there. The doc stepped fully into the room and closed them inside the small space, his focus fixed on her chart as he settled onto a nearby stool. Which was kinda weird.

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Can’t Bear It

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Published: May 10, 2012
Length: Novella
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Meg is a lioness on the run. After being used and semi-abused by her pride for more years than she cares to count, she's leaving the pride life behind and heading to Greer, North Carolina. A new life, a new home awaits her there, and she can't wait to begin anew and settle down to make little lions of her own. Only, the one man who qualifies for the job also has a tiny little problem. He's a man-slut.

Jacob loves his slutastic behavior and wouldn't have it any other way. Men, women, either, both, they all do it for him. Until he meets a certain curvaceous lioness who changes the rules and makes his bear want something it has never wanted before…a mate.


Read an Excerpt

Sex had become a chore. Maybe not a  chore, but it wasn’t something Meg looked forward to either. She had her choice of males, three to be exact, though the eldest of the lions was able to overrule her if he desired. And then there was the fact that the three men she could choose from also serviced her sisters. And cousins. And aunts. Oh, there were a couple of women in the pride who’d migrated from other groups as part of a “lioness exchange” in order to ensure there was no in-breeding. But the fact remained. The dick that entered her had probably been inside one of her family members. Recently.

Ick. Ew. Gross.

“Margaret!” Great. Her Aunt Nia. “Margaret! It’s your turn, dear heart.” Meg sighed and brought her legs closer to her chest and rested her forearms on her knees, her chin then settling on her forearms. She stared across the street, watching the pigeons flutter and fly around the fountain, pecking at the seeds dropped by the old man who lived down the street. How she envied the birds. Their monogamous nature meant that they’d only mate with each other as long as they lived. She longed for the same treatment, regardless of how odd it made her.

Pride ladies did not object to sharing. They bore the children they were gifted with gladly, and then surrendered them to another pride or they joined the ranks. A lioness definitely didn’t look outside the pride for sex. Ever. A lioness gave birth to lion cubs.

Period. End of story.

Her feelings didn’t matter. They never mattered.

“Margare–Oh! There you are.”

Meg tore her thoughts away from her heart’s desire and plastered a smile on her face before turning her attention to Nia. “Hey, Aunt Nia.” Her aunt harrumphed. “I’ve been calling for you, Miss Margaret. It’s your day and Lincoln has a mid-afternoon meeting. Marcus has a dinner date with some woman he’s thinking of bringing into the pride, and Nicholas wants to do his morning run. They’d like you to come in and make your choice so they can get on with their day.” Her choice. Right. She held back her snort of contempt. Barely. Out of the three of them, Meg preferred Nicky, but she knew he wasn’t attracted to her plus-sized frame.

“Lincoln please.”

He’d be a wham, bam, please don’t get your juices on my Armani man. She could always count on him to be no-nonsense about the mating. It was a job to him, just like running Lion Inc, the pride’s investment firm. Hell, one time he hadn’t even ended his phone call and had just taken her across his desk without breaking his concentration on the call or sounding out of breath. That took talent… and indifference.

Tears burned Meg’s eyes and she blinked them away. No sense in wallowing in her sorrow. She’d done enough of that since waking.

Her aunt stroked her head, her fingers sifting through her hair just as her mother had done before leaving her for another pride. “Oh, Margaret, I know this is hard on you, but the men work hard to care for us all. It’s for the good of the pride. And your gift will only strengthen us.”

Her gift? How about her ra–No, it wasn’t like that. She went almost willingly.

Almost. “I know, Aunt Nia, I know. Let Linc know that I’ll be in shortly and we can dispense with the mating. He should make his meeting without a problem.” Her aunt patted the top of her head like a person would pet their loyal dog. Good girl, Megsy. Who’s a good girl? That’s right, Megsy’s a good girl. Then they’d toss a Frisbee and she’d trot off after the toy. Just like a good, obedient little puppy. Or lioness. Do as you’re told, Margaret. For the good of the pride, Margaret. Your will is secondary to that of the pride.

“Good girl.”

Meg pulled away from her aunt’s touch and returned her chin to her forearms.

Her aunt cleared her throat. “I know this is hard…”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll do my duty.”

“Very well, then. I’ll go let the men know of your choice.” Meg listened to her aunt’s feet padding across the dried leaves and twigs, the dead foliage cracking and creaking with her every step. Deep down, Meg’s lioness stirred.

Hunt game?  it wondered.

No. It’s Nia. We’ll have Lincoln to contend with shortly.

Her lioness growled and snarled.

Yeah, she felt the same way. Regardless of how impersonal she wanted these encounters to be, she truly longed for the love that was supposed to accompany coupling.

As cliché as it sounded, she wanted her one true love to actually  make love  with her.

Daily, hourly… forever.

Meg rolled to her feet and followed in her aunt’s footsteps. Except, regardless of her larger size, she navigated the yard on silent feet. Something no one in her pride was able to do. Quiet as a mouse wasn’t just a saying for Meg, it was life. Like a true lion, she could creep and crawl and not make a sound.

She walked to the front door, her head held high. Just because she wasn’t looking forward to the next few minutes didn’t mean she had to be as meek as a mouse. She was a lioness of the Atlanta pride.

Lincoln was waiting for her. “Margaret. I’ve been waiting.” He glanced at his watch.

“Let’s get this finished, shall we? The office called and they want to move up the meeting.” His phone rang. “Hello?” He held out his arm, gesturing for her to precede him.

She didn’t say a word. She couldn’t. Tears stung her eyes, gathering on her lower lashes. Meg couldn’t blink them away this time, so she wiped the back of her hand across her eyes and prayed that Linc was too involved with his call to notice.

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Piece of Tail

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Published: May 9, 2012
Length: Novella
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Gina's got a problem. Okay,  she  doesn't think it's a problem, but the pride that kicked her to the curb sure does. In fact, she feels purrfect in every way. With curves in all the right places and an attitude that just won't quit, Gina’s got it all. And then some. Now about her tail… In her mind, it's just an added bonus. But in the minds of the various prides, her ability to only grow a tail proves to them that she's not were enough, whereas she’s just a bit too kitty to be considered human. Good thing she's found two men who can't get enough of each other, her, and her tail.

Read an Excerpt

This was totally against the handbook. One hundred percent. Maybe not in so many words, but Patrick was sure fucking his lover in his office probably wasn't the best idea in the world. Anyone else and they'd be gone in a heartbeat. Damn, it was good to be on top. In more ways than one.

"Patrick.” Daniel snapped. “Are you even listening to me?"

Patrick pulled his mind from his fantasies and focused on his lover, and business partner, Daniel. “Of course I am and of course, I disagree.” He smiled at Daniel's growl.

"She won't go for it.” Daniel swallowed hard and Patrick imagined licking his way up his lover's throat. “Why would she?"

Damn, but his boyfriend could be as insecure as a woman at times. With a sigh, he levered himself from his comfortable position on the couch and strode to Daniel, wrapping him in his embrace. “Because she wants you… us.” He squeezed the other man's shoulders. “She watches us, Daniel. You aren't in the office as much, but I swear, she watches our every movement as if she were a starving snow leopard and we are walking, talking steaks."

Daniel looked at him, eyebrows scrunched, nose wrinkled. And Patrick couldn't resist the man any longer. He brushed his lips across Daniel's, inhaling his lover's scent and relishing the musk of his skin. Daniel opened for him with a moan and turned in Patrick's arms, pulling their bodies together chest to chest. In less than a second, Patrick's cock went from interested to rock hard and, not for the first time today, he imagined bending Daniel over his desk and taking his lover from behind.

Patrick released his hold on Daniel's shoulders and shifted his grip to his lover's hips. He dug his fingers into the other man's cloth-covered skin, pulling and pressing their bodies together, gaining the friction he craved. He rocked his hips, grinding his erection against his lover's and smiled against Daniel's mouth when he moaned.

His dick ached and throbbed in time with his heartbeat, pulsing and thrumming a mile a minute while their tongues dueled for dominance. Patrick moaned and pressed harder when Daniel fisted his hair forcing him to relinquish the man's mouth while the tiny sting went straight to his cock.

"Patrick.” His lover growled, forcing his name through clenched teeth.

Patrick leaned forward, stealing another nip at those tempting lips. “She does, Daniel. You want her. I want her. As fucked up as it sounds, I think she wants us as well.” He couldn't resist, he ground his cock against Daniel's, eyes closed and panting as his body trembled.

Daniel's head fell forward to rest on his shoulder and the other man sighed. Patrick resisted the urge to shout in triumph, knowing he'd won. “I don't…” His normally straightforward lover paused and Patrick hugged the man's shoulders once again.

"It'll work, D. I swear it. She's so…” It was his turn to sigh. “Gina is the epitome of everything we've ever wanted in a woman. You know it. I know it. Why can't we just see how she feels?"

Daniel raised his head from Patrick's shoulder and he brushed his thumb over the man's cheek. “I barely know her, Patrick. She barely knows  me. How can you think that…”

Patrick cut him off with a quick, bruising kiss. “We'll just fix that right now, won't we?"

Daniel sputtered and protested, but Patrick ignored his bluster. The man was hard as a fucking rock, harder than he'd probably been in years and no amount of arguing was going to deter him now. Daniel wanted a relationship with Gina just as much as Patrick did and nothing short of her refusal would keep him from making their duo into a trio.

Victory was within reach and he'd be damned if Daniel's insecurities would rob them of what could be the ideal life for them. Sure, there'd be two husbands and one wife, but who was counting?

* * *

Sensing a presence behind her, Gina saved the file she'd been working on and turned to face her visitor. Strike that, visitors.

Damn her to hell and back again… The two finest pieces of non-shifty man-meat were standing at the entry to her cubicle and the only thing she could think was  yum.  Smart, real smart.  She almost snorted, but bit her lip instead.

Her ears perked up at the low moan coming from the man standing just behind her boss. Daniel, Danny-boy as she sometimes called him in her mind. Maybe he wasn't feeling well. Taking a closer look, she saw a fine sheen of sweat along his brow and felt bad about ogling him when he obviously wasn't feeling hot.

"Gina,” Patrick's deep voice yanked her attention from the boss’ boyfriend and back to the man who hired and fired. She pasted on a smile, waiting to hear what the “big guy” had to say. She hadn't fucked up in a while… Okay, if she was honest… It'd been like, a whole week, since she'd gotten into trouble. That was truly a record for her.

Patrick glanced back at Danny-boy before he continued, tugging at his collar. Dang, the boss man was nervous.  So not good.

"Gina, Daniel and I were wondering… Wondering if you'd like to have dinner with us? Maybe tonight?” She opened her mouth to respond, but shock kept the words from leaving her mouth and Patrick kept going. “Maybe tonight is too short of a notice. Friday, maybe? Daniel and I… Wait, you know Daniel, right?"

Her boss turned to his boyfriend and tugged the man forward. Poor guy looked green around the scruff and like the last place he wanted to be was in her cubicle.

Though nervous, sick and sweatiness aside, the man was truly a gorgeous hunk of fucktastic meat.

Both men, side by side, were more than her inner-kitty could stand. The base of her spine tingled, right along with her pussy, as arousal thrummed through her veins.

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He Ain’t Lion

Life sucks… And then you get turned into a werelion…

Curvaceous, blonde bombshell Maya Josephs is looking for a little action to take her mind off of her recent break-up. Crazy werecats or not, an evening at Genesis is exactly what she needs. And when she meets the hotter than hot, super-sexy owner, Alex O’Connell, the alpha lion shifter is just the man to fit the bill for a one-night stand.

Dumped like a rotting piece of meat by her ex, Maya is on the prowl, fixin' to do whatever it takes to get herself a piece of the gorgeous furball. Besides, what’s the harm in a girl having a little bit of fun?

Pages: 89 ~ Words: 22211

Read an Excerpt

Alex O’Connell watched the ripple of awareness ease through Genesis, his club, as each male seemingly became mindful of the newcomer, the unknown human female, in their midst. The singular woman who smelled nothing of pride or pack.

Shit, fuck, damn, and growl.

He ran a hand through his hair and willed his inner cat to calm. Unfortunately, the beast wasn’t in the mood to be denied. It’d already scented the lush woman, and was more than ready to pounce–strip her naked and slide his hard length inside her body.

How the fuck had she gained entrance?

The semiannual Gaian Moon was making an appearance tonight, so Alex had gathered his pride and willing humans, known as familiars, to converge within the confines of the club. Sex could be had, raucous noises could be made, and most of the furniture had already been cat-proofed.

Who was she, this unfamiliar female swaying her curvaceous hips amongst his felines, completely oblivious to the trouble she was about to cause?

The Gaian Moon ensured cubs would be born, and that their pride would continue to flourish. Without the celestial rising their numbers would almost certainly dwindle, and they’d likely wither and die, as true matings were extremely rare among his kind.

The humans in attendance knew what they were in for, the moment they’d become pride familiars. The pride would care for them and any offspring, for the remainder of their lives, so long as they made themselves available at the Gaian Moon gatherings, and helped the pride when called upon. Giving birth to cubs only ensured that pride protection and support would be everlasting.

There were several true matings in their pride, but those couples remained at home to make little cubs of their own, while the others romped their way through Genesis.

The female in the tight, cleavage-revealing red dress, though, was not a familiar. Alex knew this, because he was the prime, damn it.

Shit, fuck, damn, and growl.

His felines were staring at her as if she was a slaughtered deer, and they hadn’t eaten for weeks. Even so, she continued to mingle, now easily fifty feet from where he stood, and yet, he could still scent her heat, single her out from amongst the gatherers. He needed to do something. Fast.

“You need to do something, Alex. And fast.” Grayson’s words cut through his thoughts, mirroring his own. “She’s not one of ours.”

“I know.” Alex barely recognized his own voice, and he paused for a moment to take stock of his body’s responses to the new arrival. His cat, normally easy to control after years of practice, was fighting Alex’s restraint, snarling and snapping at its internal cage, prowling just beneath the thin veneer of his skin. The fucker wanted out. Now.

His arms tingled, skin prickled, and he knew–without looking–that golden fur had sprouted from his forearms. The throbbing from his hands would soon reveal fuzzy fingers, and lethal, razor-sharp claws. Fuckity fuck.

“How’d she get in?” His lengthened canines made speech difficult, but not impossible.

He watched the expressions that flitted across his second’s face, where feelings of regret and remorse appeared to be dueling for supremacy. “I put Gina on the door, and she said she could’ve  sworn  the woman was on the list. And that her scent held your mark.”

Alex rolled his eyes, immediately refocusing his gaze on the tempting interloper. Her blonde hair practically glowed under the dim lights of the club, her pale skin a beacon his lion was more than happy to follow to the ends of the earth. “She’s still pissed at me for not mounting her during the last moon, and I’m sure she’s just itching to start some trouble.”

Grayson nodded. “I think you may be right.”

Lion wanted this stranger. No doubt about its feelings, the beast practically begged and snarled its needs to Alex. Part of him wanted to charge through the gathering, steal her away to his den. Unfortunately he couldn’t do that, not without revealing his true nature to the woman. Sure, shifters were known to the human populace, but they weren’t exactly “out and proud” about their existence. Nonchalance and some closely kept secrets had kept the shifters protected thus far, and the various clan leaders around the world wanted to keep it that way.

Alex had too much on his plate already, and he’d rather not add “calming a panicking human” to the list.

“Bring her up, Grayson. I’ll speak with her, and then send her on her way. Perhaps give her an incentive to return on another night. We can’t have her in the building once the doors are locked and the festivities have begun.”

“There’s only five minutes left, Prime.”

As if the reminder of his title within the pride wasn’t enough to pressure him, the last thing Alex needed was to be further stressed by his second’s announcement of the remaining time, damn it. His cat was more than aware of how long it needed to wait until it could mate with the fertile, willing females, and the opportunity to produce cubs of its own, true mate or not. His lion had yet to be successful, but it was more than willing to keep trying… “Then make it fast.”


Her friend Gina hadn’t lied. The guys in Genesis were all staring at her as if she were a big hunk of choice beef, and they hadn’t eaten for weeks. Then again, the whole semi-drooling thing could be because they were werecats. But wait, weren’t dogs the droolers?

Maya mentally shrugged. Gina, even if she did seem a little cat crazy, was fun to hang out with, and now, she was Maya’s very best, hook-me-up-with-hotness, friend.

She’d known all along that shifters lived in Ridgeville, as well as many of the surrounding towns in their wide expanse of North Carolina, so the all-cat club and semiannual orgy didn’t really surprise her much. She’d always heard that shifters were very sexual beings.

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Love Defined

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Published: April 13, 2012
Length: Novella
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As a child of Gaia, Mattias Kilgrey has the ability to shift from human to snow leopard at whim. That is, as long as his goddess allows it. Tired of the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life, Mattias is long overdue for a much needed break. Through a friend, he’s able to book a reservation at the San Ani Exotic Animal Sanctuary–as a snow leopard. With Gaia's blessing, he begins his not-so-brief vacation with nothing but relaxation on his mind. The last thing he expects is to meet his mate at the sanctuary…but praise Gaia, he certainly does.

Dr. Virginia Taylor jumps at the chance to help a snow leopard in need. If only she could find her glasses… Clumsy, quirky, and filled to the brim with love for big cats, she's the answer to San Ani's prayers. But what's a girl to do when the snow leopard she's called upon to help turns into a hunk she'd like to bed? Well, run, of course. If only she could stop tripping over herself at every turn.

Pages: 118 ~ Words: 30161

This bbw paranormal romance has its sweet moments, its growly moments and its holy-cow hot moments.

Read an Excerpt

The shrill ring of the bedside phone yanked Mattias from his sleep. Jolting up in bed, he reached for it and answered with a growl. "What."

"Mr. Kilgrey, this is Minerva from the Bangkok headquarters. We have not yet received your approval on–"

Throwing his legs over the side of the bed, he rose, shrugging off Jessica's hand as he stood. Striding to the sitting area of his home, he ran a hand through his hair. "Minerva, do you know what time it is?"

"Exactly one forty-three p.m., Mr. Kilgrey." Of course his assistant on the other side of the world would know the time. There.

"So that means it's what time here, Mini?"

"Twelve forty-three a.m., Mr. Kilgrey?"

Lord save him. He really needed to start hiring assistants for their merits and not for how they filled out a suit. "Exactly. Call me at a reasonable hour, or don't call me at all."

Pressing the off button, he slumped onto the couch, resting his head on the back. The midnight calls needed to stop. Hell,  all  the calls needed to stop. His Blackberry, charging on a nearby table, vibrated, indicating a new email had arrived. Perfect. Didn't anyone in the world sleep? Mattias needed a vacation, and he knew just the person to call. Dialing the number from memory, he listened to the ringing of the phone, waiting for someone to answer, not caring that he was waking the man on the other end of the phone. This is what he paid for by donating to the place.

"What?" the voice on the other end of the phone growled.


"Yeah. Who's calling? And you'd better tell me someone is dead for you to wake me up at this hour."

"Richard! Is that any way to talk to the man who pays your salary?" Okay, he didn't pay Richard's salary, but he did donate enough money to the sanctuary Richard worked for to cover the man's salary.

"Yes, it is, when he wakes me up in the middle of the night and doesn't even bother calling on a secure line. Asswipe."

Laughing, Mattias reclined on the sofa, lying back and sinking into the cushions as he stretched out. "Secure schmure. I'm not getting into specifics, just calling to schedule a little vacation. Nothing wrong with scheduling a vacation is there?" Mattias smiled; just thinking about taking time off put him in a better mood.

"No. Some people could wonder why you called me, of all people."

"Dick, I need time away. Can you work it out or not? I'd rather come to your place than take my chances in the wild."

His friend's sigh could be heard over the phone. Mattias envisioned Richard running a hand over his face and rubbing the back of his neck as scenarios flashed through his mind. "Yeah, but you won't like it."

"I'm sure I'll love it."

"So will the female you'll be staying with."

Female? What? "No. No, Richard. No, no, no…"

"It's the only way if you need to get out of Dodge now, Matty. Take it or leave it."

Rubbing his temple with his fingertips, Mattias' mind flipped through all of the other places he could go to get away from the world. None of them compared to being under Richard's care. "Fine. But I'm not responsible if the damn female gets frisky, Richard."

His friend laughed in response. "I'm serious."

"I'm sure you can handle yourself. But remember, standard rules apply."

"Yeah, yeah. Play nice with the natives; keep my teeth and claws to myself. So when can I come?"

Richard sighed again. He seemed to be doing a lot of sighing with Mattias. "Give me a week and how long are you staying?"

"I don't know, a week?"

"Yeah, a week. I need to get the paperwork done and schedule a truck for you. Same pickup as last time?"


"Great. I'm going back to sleep, my friend, and I suggest you do the same. I'll see you in a week."

Mattias heard the click of Richard's receiver landing in the cradle and pressed the off button on his phone. A week. One week from today and Mattias would be relaxing and resting with no phones, email or computers to wake him up at all hours of the night. His business could be managed by others while he took a week or two off for himself.


Rising from the couch, Mattias padded toward the bed where his woman of the week awaited. Slim and trim, with curves in the socially acceptable places, she appeared to be the perfect woman. For someone else. But as long as he acted as the figurehead for the family company, he had to have a walking, talking doll on his arm. Enter, Jessica.

Nearing the bed, he lightened his steps, not wanting to wake her. Sliding beneath the sheets, he thought he'd managed to get away with it. He was wrong. Her bony, cold hand slid along his waist, coming to rest on his hip, while her lips brushed across the back of his neck.

"Who was that, lover?"

"Just Mini calling from the Bangkok office. She needed approval on something. Go back to sleep, Jess."

Her hand, now warmed by his heat, slid lower, fingers sifting through the hair at his groin. "Mm. I know of a cock I'd like to bang. Any objections?" Jessica's hand wrapped around his half-hard cock and squeezed the shaft, milking it with a mixture of strong and tender strokes.

"Not…" Her fingers grazed the tip of his erection, swirling around the crown. "At…"

He sighed, his cock filling with blood. "All…" He moaned, low and deep.

Mattias rolled from his side to his back, giving Jessica more room. She took advantage of his new position, sliding the sheet down and exposing his naked form.

Propping his hands behind his head, he let her look her fill. She sat up, giving her use of both hands.

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Battered Not Broken

Amazon Nook Kobo Apple Books Google Play

Published: April 2, 2012
Length: Novella
+Add to Goodreads

Gillian Locke has been beaten, battered, and bruised, but her ex-boyfriend still hasn’t managed to break her. When she leaves Kyle for the last time, she knows the only way she’ll ever be back in his grasp is over her dead body.

On the run, her car disastrously breaks down in at the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Stuck in a terrible snowstorm, Gillian figures it’s better to die at the hands of nature, than at the hands of Kyle, her tormentor. Fighting the freezing cold, she stares death in the eye and presses on, until she happens upon a cabin in the woods, and is offered shelter by three gorgeous men who can’t seem to get enough of her.

The Bearclaw brothers are descendants of the ancient Anikota tribe of Indians. Their beast spirit and blessing from the Maker allows them the ability to sense the one who will complete their soul. Being triplets, they always expected their mate to be a woman they’d all share. With the Maker’s blessing, they hope to ease past Gillian’s defenses…before her past threatens to end their future.


Read an Excerpt

Sleet whipped through the trees, stinging her face and burrowing through her clothes to chill her skin. Gillian tightened her hold on the jacket as the wind threatened to yank it from her shoulders. Her fingers tunneled into her skimpy pockets, searching for warmth that wasn’t there. Feet crunching and sinking into the dangerous snow brought her closer and closer to her goal. Warmth was only footsteps away…many, many footsteps.

From the road, where she’d left her broken-down car, the smoke rising in the trees hadn’t seemed too far off. Now, hours later, it seemed like she’d been walking for an eternity. Gillian was tempted to check her watch again, to see how long she’d been walking down the slushy, rutted road, but couldn’t force her hands to leave the haven in her pockets.

One foot in front of the other, she kept trekking, stumbling over unseen rocks and tripping in hidden holes. Exhaustion began to overtake her. Each breath puffed from her mouth, turning the air bright white before she sucked back in frigid air, which seemed to freeze Gillian from the inside out. But she couldn’t stop, could never stop.

The worn road she followed twisted and turned through the trees. Every time she came to a bend, she made a wish that her destination would be around the next corner. But it wasn’t, so she kept pushing, begging her feet to move.

Mind over matter, girl, just a few more steps.

She’d lost the feeling in her feet hours before. The wind picked up again and pummeled the sleet into her skin like a thousand tiny knives. Hunching her shoulders to shield her face, she continued.

Can’t stop. He’ll catch me.

She couldn’t afford to get caught. She wouldn’t go back, not ever again. The last time…the last time she’d nearly died. Not again, not ever again.

Gillian licked her lips, tasting blood as her tongue wet her cracked skin. Hours. It had only taken hours for the cold and wind to do its damage.

Tears pricked her eyes and more than once she thought about returning to her car to wait for someone to pass by, to help her. But on these deserted mountain roads, hardly anyone ever drove by, especially with a blizzard churning and threatening the area. Now she would die in the cold, alone.

At least it would happen her way and not at another’s hands.

More time passed and each breath became more labored–the only sound the harsh inhalation and exhalation as she tried to fill her lungs. The landscape was bare of animals, not even the squawk of a bird could be heard to distract her from the struggle to keep going. They were probably snuggled in their own homes for the winter.

Smart bastards.

Shadows crossed the road now, the sun having dipped behind the trees for its own slumber. The smoke had looked so close when she started out; she should have known. Gillian wasn’t an outdoorsy woman–close to her, ended up being miles and miles away in reality. But still she continued. She’d walk until she collapsed or found warmth for the night; whichever came first.

Head down, she lumbered on. It wasn’t until she ran into the gate that she realized she’d reached her destination. The end of the road had come and now she stood before what she’d been dreaming of all day.

A cottage. No, a cabin. A large log cabin with wisps of smoke wafting from the chimney proved she hadn’t been walking toward a dream. With weathered logs forming the walls and a wood shingle roof, it looked like a solid structure, built to spite the elements.

She tugged her hand free of her coat pocket and lifted the latch on the gate, calling out a greeting as she stepped through the wooden portal.


Her voice was lost with the wind and pain sliced through her throat. The damaged tissues still hadn’t healed.

Closing the gate behind her and dropping the latch in place to make sure it was locked, she stepped across the snow-covered lawn. Careful of any hidden dangers, she tested the ground with each step just as she’d done all day. She didn’t want to stumble and fall when so close to her goal. Sheer determination kept her on her feet now, denying the toll the weather had taken on her body.

One puffing breath and straining step at a time she climbed the steps, shuffling across the worn plank porch to the front door. She’d burrowed her hand back in the meager warmth in her pocket, but she reluctantly withdrew it again. Raising the knocker, she let it fall against the tarnished brass plate on the door, its booming echo mixing with the wind as it whipped around the cabin.  All that, for nothing.

Gillian waited, but no sound from within the cabin could be heard. She forced her muscles into action again, raising and releasing the knocker to fall against the brass plate for a second time. The sound echoed, louder this time, yet still there was no answer.

Tears burned her eyes, and she didn’t hold them back. A fire burned in their hearth and they were either not home or choosing to ignore the bundled, bruised, and beaten woman at their door.

Gillian rest her head against the carved wooden door and she let her tears flow, the warm liquid stinging her near frozen skin as it slid across her cheeks. In a last effort for survival and with the remaining strength she possessed, Gillian wrapped her hand around the doorknob and twisted, stumbling when the door pushed open with her weight.

She caught herself on the door then stepped into the cabin. Warmth like she never thought to feel again enveloped her, seeped through her jeans and poor excuse for a jacket. As the heat surrounded her body, pinpricks of pain replaced the numbness she had grown accustomed to. Her waking skin burned as blood returned to her extremities.

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What the Cuff?

Amazon Nook Kobo Apple Books Google Play

Published: March 23, 2012
Length: Short Story
+Add to Goodreads

God really should have reconsidered making werewolves. Because werewolves like Lyssa could easily rip to pieces, limb from limb, cheating assholes like Byron, her live-in boyfriend. That, or Lyssa needs to have better taste in men...and stay faraway from those with wandering eyes.

Drunk as a wolf, she stumbles to her best friend's house to sleep off her whiskey-induced haze, and wakes to...cuffs?

Caleb sees his chance and finally seizes it. His buddies on the force have ribbed him but good for buying silver-plated handcuffs. But Caleb had a perfectly logical reason for purchasing them; he had something important to tell Lyssa, and being that she could put a serious hurtin' on him, he wasn't going to take any chances.

So, with a bound werewolf, the woman he's yearned for since they were teens, in his bed, will Caleb find the courage to tell Lyssa that she is his?

Read an Excerpt

God obviously had never considered cheating men when he'd given Lyssa her shifter abilities. Nope. As infallible as the all mighty creator was supposed to be, he definitely hadn't considered that man would be so stupid as to cheat on a werewolf. If he had, he'd have known that giving a woman the power to grow inch long canines that could rip a cheating man to shreds was a mistake.

Oh well, Byron was just about to learn the error of his ways.

The scents of sex, Byron and some anonymous female, had filtered and danced through Lyssa's home when she'd stepped across the threshold. Her. Home. He'd brought some bimbo into their shared space and now, he'd pay. Hell, maybe they'd both pay. A person really couldn't look at the house and imagine that Byron had decorated it, could they? The fact that the woman went after a claimed man meant the stranger would feel her wrath just as surely as Byron would.

Byron's heavy, aroused musk served to piss her wolf the fuck off. Couple his scent with the sticky sweetness of the woman and the animal was ready to tear the house apart looking for them. As it was, she didn't have to look far to find them. Of course, they'd use the bedroom.Her. Bedroom.

Breathe…just breathe.  Another wave of their combined scents assaulted her and she amended her thoughts.  Okay, breathe through my mouth. In and out. Slow and steady.

Right, slow and steady was how she'd rip them to shreds.

One mouthful of muscle, blood and bone at a time.

She leaned against the wall outside her bedroom and waited for the bimbo inside to finish. From the grunts she heard from Byron, it wouldn't take him much longer to get to the finish line. Then again, he always was a one minute man.

The woman though, she was taking  for-ev-er.

Just come already, bitch.

"Oh, Byron! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

No, no, no!

At least, that's what he'd be screaming when she went in there with fangs bared and eyes glowing like the full moon.

True, she didn't really love the man, but he was hers. For the moment. And no one cheated or dumped Lyssa McGivern. Not even some pasty white, pansy-assed human male.

She pinched the bridge of her nose as the screams from the bimbette grew louder and louder. Man, some women knew how to fake it. Byron could never squeak an orgasm out of her, so she couldn't figure out how he was managing to pull anything remotely like the big O out of the woman. She checked her watch. Six fifteen. If they'd just finish already, she could get him, and his shit, out of her house and still manage to watch the ten o'clock news.

Tick tock, Byron.

Louder and louder the woman's wails became, overshadowing Lyssa's presence. "Yes! Harder, faster."

Much faster and he'll finish before you do, sweetheart.

She almost felt sorry for the woman…almost.

"Like that, baby? Like the Byronator deep in your ass?"

Byronator? Ass?

Horror washed over Lyssa. He was in her ass? She resisted the urge to snort. Barely. The woman deserved whatever she got with Byron if she allowed the man to dominate her. Hell, they deserved each other. She'd never bent to her boyfriend's–make that ex-boyfriend's–ill and given him her ass. To her kind, that was as good as handing a man a "fuck me over" pass and showing their belly. She'd done that exactly once, to her alpha, and she'd never do it again as long as she lived.

Nope, no way, no how.

"Yes, fuck me, please Byron," the woman pleaded. Yeah, she'd be begging even harder when he finished before she did and left her wanting.

Lyssa peered around the doorway, peeking through the two inch gap and smirked. Okay, the bitch had grit. She may have given Byron her ass, but she rode him like a cowgirl, holding the reigns while he struggled beneath her to keep up.

Lyssa tilted her head to the side, eyes following them as the stranger gave her man pleasure. Come to think of it, she didn't think she'd ever seen that look of pure rapture on Byron's face when they'd made love. Not…ever.


The grunting, groaning, and moaning grew in volume again as seconds ticked by. She checked her watch. Yup, about time Byron's stamina gave out. The woman riding him screamed and arched with what Lyssa assumed was her orgasm.

Byron did the same, arching and sinking deeper into the woman's ass. They froze, bodies bowed, mouth's open with shouts of pleasure on their lips. Like an erotic sculpture in the middle of her bedroom, the couple fascinated her.

It wasn't watching them have sex. Sex? She'd seen more sex in her lifetime within her pack to last her two more. No, it was something else. Something…different about these two writhing on the sheets she'd paid for.

Byron's chocolate brown eyes softened as he stared at the woman perched atop him. The harsh planes of his face, normally taut and drawn when he looked at Lyssa, seemed more…relaxed. He stroked and caressed the woman, hands sliding over the skin of her arms, shoulders and back in long sweeping passes. The woman leaned over Byron's chest, nuzzling and scraping her teeth at the juncture of his shoulder and neck.

She opened her mouth to tell the stranger that he didn't like that, didn't like his neck touched and definitely didn't care for cuddling after sex. But…but a smile creased her ex's lips and he appeared to grasp her tighter, pulling her closer.

Lyssa eased through the door and Byron's eyes snapped open, colliding with hers. In that moment, that second, she knew. She'd never loved Byron. It was a given in their relationship. She was with him because his success matched her own and they seemed to like the same things.

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Making Him Purr

Amazon Nook Kobo Apple Books Google Play

Published: March 22, 2012
Length: Novella
Trasola #1
+Add to Goodreads

Lisa Bradenton is breaking out of her shell. And what better way to take a walk on the "wild-one-night-stand-side" than a visit to the infamous Trasola? At the urging of her friends, Lisa goes to the bar with the hopes of finding a lover to take her mind off her ex-boyfriend. Soon after walking through the door, she's overwhelmed by the sexy bartender who has a quick smile, seductive eyes, and a deep, rumbling voice. He's definitely one-night stand material. Most. Definitely.

Jonathan and his inner beast crave the sexy, sultry, and curvy siren's touch, but Lisa's smile and a good conversation aren't going to be enough for him. To his surprise, even after he's made love to her, he finds himself craving so much more. The temptress' pretty looks reeled him in, but he's forever mesmerized by her innocence and modest nature. So when she just disappears, after one night of heavenly bliss, he wonders what the hell he's supposed to do? Because Lisa is his mate, and without her, life won't be worth living.


Read an Excerpt

I can do this, right?  Right. It’s one night. Look out world, Lisa Bradenton is breaking out. Boom! There, the shell of her former self was gone and in its place was a vivacious bombshell just waiting to get it on with a hunky guy. For one night only.

Her hands, unfortunately, weren’t on the same page as her thoughts. They were sweating and clammy, and absolutely refused to release the steering wheel of her car as if they had a mind of their own. This had seemed like a good idea as she got dressed for the evening. Now, after she’d made the hour-long journey, here she sat having doubts.

"Break out of your shell!” they’d said. "Live a little!”

"The only way you’ll get over him is to have a quick, no-strings-attached fuck. And Cole? Cole knows how to hook ya up with someone who will rock your world. Guar-an-teed.” That had been Rochelle. But what sealed the deal were three little words:  We dare you.  Lisa had agreed her friends were right about needing to live it up a little. As soon as the words were out of her mouth, off they went, planning her little night out all the way down to her pink silk panties. Gah! She was a heifer! What did she need with silk panties? It didn’t matter; her friends had decided she’d be wearing the skimpy panties so that’s what she wore.

The one thing she needed to help her get over her ex was a roll in the hay with a hottie. Then her ex would be out of her system and she could move on. The only problem with the plan was that she’d never been a one-night-stand kind of girl. Like, ever.

Her first and only lover had been her ex, Mick. Or, Mick-the-dick as Rochelle called him. Rochelle always did have a way with words, and her assessment of Lisa’s ex had been spot on. Mick was a dick. Lisa also found out, after a recent and rather enlightening conversation with Ro, that not only was he a dick, he had a small one to boot!

How was she to know? She’d never been with another lover and never even  peeked  at Playgirl. Until she’d had enough of Mick’s cheating, she’d never even thought of being with another man. Now, six months after their break-up, she was sitting outside Trasola, psyching herself up to go inside and pick up a one-night-stand.

Lisa’s cell phone rang and she dug through her purse, searching for the ringing offender. “Hello?”

“Get out of the car.”  Rochelle.

“How do you know I’m still in the car? I could be freaking a hunky man right now for all you know.”

Rochelle snorted into the phone. “Baby, if you were  fucking  a hunky man, you sure as hell wouldn’t be answering the phone. Besides, I know you remember? I know that you’re sitting in your car, psyching yourself up to go in there. So, go already! You look hot! What’s the problem?”

The problem? Ro wanted to know the problem? Well, she’d never done anything like this before, for one. And two, she’d only ever had sex with Mick. He obviously wasn’t happy with her performance since he cheated on her. What if she sucked at it?

“Why couldn’t you guys come with me? I can wait here while you drive over.”

“No. This is about you getting a grip on your life and what you want. This is not about hiding behind the group. Mick pushed you into the shadows with his insults and controlling behavior. We’re pushing you back out. Get. Out. Of. The. Car. Go and find some one-time lover that thinks you’re the hottest thing on two legs and get the Dick out of your head, once and for all. Cole knows you’re coming in tonight and promises to keep an eye on you so you don’t end up with a freak that’s too freaky. Get going!”

Good Lord, the owner of the bar knew she was coming in and looking for loving.

Could she be any more embarrassed?

Rochelle was right. Crude, but right none the less. Plus, it made her feel a little better that the owner of the bar, Cole, was a friend of Ro’s and he’d make sure she didn’t end up with a total nut-job. Sighing, she let her head drop back to the headrest and closed her eyes. Taking a deep breath, she exhaled it slowly through her mouth before responding to her friend. “You’re right. I’m doing it. I’ll call you guys in the morning.”

“You go girl!”

Laughing, she clicked the phone shut and put it back in her purse, double-checking to make sure she had the essentials: lipstick, keys, and condoms. Lisa scrambled from the car before she had a chance to second-guess herself, again.

Walking became a new experience for her in Rochelle’s four-inch stilettos, but tonight was about busting out of her old rut. Cute sandals were out, and sexy  freak me  pumps were in.

The shoes and the clothes had all been chosen and forced onto her by her friends.

There was no way she’d have ever gone out in such a tight fitting, short ensemble otherwise.

Lisa had curves. No, not just curves, her curves had curves. Every minute Lisa spent wrapped in Rochelle’s mostly spandex and flowing chiffon clothing she felt like she’d pop a stitch. But the girls had assured her that she looked hawt. Of course, they said it in their best Paris Hilton voice.

Tugging at her skirt as she approached the door, she took a deep breath and stepped into the bar. Looking around she was relieved to see that the interior looked like any other bar. Unless you knew the type of people, human and not, who frequented Trasola, you’d never know it catered primarily to creatures that went bump in the night. She just hoped they’d want to bump her.

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A Little Bit of Fur

Amazon Nook Kobo Apple Books Google Play

Published: March 22, 2012
Length: Novella
Trasola #2
+Add to Goodreads

What's a girl to do?

Engaged to be married, full-figured Niccy has resigned herself to a lackluster marriage, both in and out of bed. Just once, though, she wants to experience passion the same way the heroine of one of her favorite books being tied to the bedpost and pleasured by two men.

Finding the men isn't the problem. Neither is the fact that Ian and Chris happen to be the hottest men at Trasola. Sadly for her, they're already one another.

Will Niccy be left wanting, or will the two men find room in their hearts...and their bed...for a curvaceous woman and her premarital desire?


Read an Excerpt

“What’s up, Cody?” Chris’s crystal blue eyes met Nic’s briefly before turning to his boss. The big man let out a yelp when Ian, the newest and equally hot bartender, walked by and pinched him.

“Niccy wants to get tied to the bedpost.”

He said it. Slipped it right in to everyday conversation like it was nothing. Nothing! And then it clicked. She knew what Cody was doing. Everything was happening just as Lisa described her first introduction to Jonathan. All the way down to Cody recommending a drink and then…

She whirled on Cody. “Tie me to the bedpost?” She looked at the bartender out of the corner of her eye. He was tall, taller than her, but that didn’t say much considering her being barely five feet. But damn, those blue eyes, blond hair and sun-kissed tan got her tingly all over. His pale Irish lover wasn’t all that bad either. She whispered to the man next to her. “You couldn’t be the tiniest bit subtle? Just a little?”

“That was subtle.” And then he smirked. Smirked! The bastard. If he wasn’t a big bad vamp and a good friend, she’d kick him. He leaned close and the temptation to at least smack him rose as he whispered in her ear. “I could have told him to get you a page 156, but since that drink doesn’t exist, I thought I was being pretty damned subtle by ordering you a Tie Me to the Bedpost.”

If she could have, she would have paled. As it was, she felt all of the blood drain from her face and take up residence in her feet. Oh. Shit. Cody had most definitely let Chris in on her fantasies, and since she knew Chris and Ian were sort of a ‘thing’, she wondered if maybe he’d talked to both of them.

The floor could open up and swallow her at any minute. Now would be good. Instead, Chris smiled–a genuine smile similar to all the others he’d bestowed upon her whenever she and her friends came in and she felt a tiny glimmer of hope flicker. Maybe Cody hadn’t said anything…

“Hey Ian,” Chris’s voice rose above the crowd to call to the other man. “We’ve got one lady who’d like to be tied to the bedpost. Think I may need your help with this one.” At Ian’s glaring smile, Chris turned his attention back to her. The ass. “Anything else for ya?”

In for a penny, in for two hundred pounds. “Sure. I’ll take a Slow Screw and a Screaming Orgasm as well.”

“Fuzzy Screw?” Chris clarified.

“Nah. I’m not big on fuzz.” She tried to avoid his eyes and the mischief she saw there, but she couldn’t. The whole sexual banter thing didn’t go over well with Nic since she wasn’t that sexually experienced. The extent of her knowledge extended to being deflowered by her current long-term boyfriend, and the books she read. And her favorite book was currently in Cody’s custody so she couldn’t even read that.

Minutes later, Chris had her drink orders mixed and Cody helped her get them to her table. Sanctuary. At least with Ro and Sharon with her, she couldn’t get into any trouble. She hoped.

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Amazon Nook Kobo Apple Books Google Play

Published: January 18, 2012
Length: Novella
+Add to Goodreads

After being fired, again, for her obsessive-compulsive tendencies related to cleaning, Katerina Pawslowski is on the hunt for a new job. Who knew that having good personal hygiene could be a terminable offense? Maybe keeping half a dozen containers of Clorox wipes always at hand was a bit much… As she’s searching through the paper for a job, an ad from Heart’s Haven Toys catches her eye.  Lab Assistant Wanted: assistance with maintaining and cleaning the general lab area.  Cleaning! It said cleaning! What better job for a feline shifter with OCD?

Wilmington Thorpe III has got a problem. He and his partner have been hired by Heart’s Haven Toys to create the ultimate catnip. Catnip which would stimulate and arouse the feline shifters of the world. Heart’s Haven is looking to monopolize the market on feline sexual aids and this new creation would be the cornerstone of their marketing campaign.

After several unsuccessful attempts, Will decides his problem is the state of his lab. His partner and pack mate, Montgomery, while an amazing chemist, is a slob. Will can’t think with all the clutter!

Montgomery Slade loves everything about working for Heart’s Haven Toys. He’s doing what he enjoys with the man he loves by his side. His life couldn’t be better–until formula after formula fails to produce the results they’ve been looking for, and as a result, Will spends more and more time in the lab staring at test results…and less and less time keeping Monty warm at night.

Of course, everything changes when a certain  Kat  gets to cleaning…and changes their lives forever.

Read an Excerpt

The enemy lurked. It seemed scattered everywhere she looked. It couldn’t be escaped no matter where she turned her attention. Kat tried to shut her eyes, shut out the sight before her, but she couldn’t. Every shift and twinge brought her in contact with the horrid stuff.Dirt, dirt everywhere and not a drop of Clorox in sight.

Kat eyed the chair and fought the shiver racing down her spine. No way. The receptionist had told her to have a seat because she’d be waiting a while, but Kat would rather stand. She’d spent over an hour making sure her clothes were free of dust and lint. She wasn’t about to dirty herself now by sitting on a chair that didn’t look as if it had seen any type of disinfectant in  years.

True, to the casual observer the reception area appeared clean, but Kat had a sixth sense when it came to germs and dust. She could  feel  them aching to get their grimy hypothetical hands on her. Some would classify her as suffering from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. She preferred to think of herself as someone who liked being clean. Plain and simple.

Kat slid her hands over her hips, smoothing the lines of her skirt as she begged her nerves to calm. She needed this job.  Needed it.  Needed it the way dogs needed to pee on every tree within their vicinity–maybe even more so.

Lost in her thoughts, she started when the receptionist called her name. “Katerina Pawslowski?” Kat turned toward the voice. “Mr. Burnman will see you now.”

She followed the petite woman down a short corridor. The entire time she remained conscious of their differences, not just in height, but in width as well. Her heels sunk into the plush carpet with each step and at one point, Kat had to steady herself by touching the wall. She wasn’t a girly-girl who normally wore high heels, but when interviewing with Heart’s Haven, a woman did what she had to do. Even if what she had to do was don a way-too-expensive suit and three-inch heels.

The receptionist turned down another corridor and Kat followed, surreptitiously tugging at the neck of her blouse and blowing cool wisps of air over her chest. The farther they walked, the hotter it seemed to become. She’d never been known to grow overheated when nervous, but there was a first time for everything.

Finally, they stopped in front of a large metal door and the woman she’d been following eyed her carefully, one perfectly waxed brow arched. “Well, you made it this far.”

Kat didn’t understand the woman, but didn’t question her. The receptionist opened the door and Kat’s breath rushed out in a wheeze as a great burst of heat rolled over her. She clutched the doorframe to steady herself and yanked back her hand with a spitting hiss. Hot, burning hot. Her palm reddened before her eyes and she glared at the receptionist. “What’s going on?”

The woman shrugged and turned her attention to the room before them. “Thank you, Draco, I’ll be interviewing Miss Pawslowski in my office if you desire anything.”

“There are many things I desire,  kalushka.” The growling, rumbling voice nearly stopped Kat’s heart.

Kat didn’t have a chance to look into the room to investigate the deep voice that had her pussy creaming in delight. The receptionist pulled the door closed and strode past Kat in a blur of motion. The woman wasn’t human as Kat had originally guessed. No human could move that fast.  Well, it seemed the rumors about Heart’s Haven may be true after all.

Sure, she’d heard the rumors that Heart’s Haven Toys was owned and operated by paranormal creatures, but since she didn’t really run in the “normal” para circles, she had only guessed she’d (with her furry tendencies) be welcomed.

The receptionist, who Kat was beginning to believe wasn’t  really  the receptionist because of the way she seemed to carry an air of confidence, led her into an office. Thankfully, the room felt cool compared to what she’d endured only moments ago.

“Have a seat, Miss Pawslowski, and we’ll continue on with the interview.” The woman gestured to a nearby chair.

“Continue?” Kat sank into the plush chair with as much grace as she could, which wasn’t much.

“Yes, continue. My name is Madeline Windfire. I am the para-human resources liaison for Heart’s Haven Toys. One of my tasks is to ensure that the individual hired is adequately equipped to work for Heart’s Haven. While we have many humans in several different capacities, a paranormal individual was specifically requested for this position.”

Kat’s head spun, but she managed to understand and process most of what Madeline had said. “So, that was to make sure I wasn’t human?” she asked, incredulous.

“Of course. No human can tolerate the heat just outside of Draco’s office and they definitely can’t handle the blast of hot air that emanates once the door is opened.” She smiled as if it all made perfect sense.

Well, it didn’t! Kat wasn’t raised around all of this paranormal stuff. True, she got furry every now and again, but  no one else  did. Talking about her abilities and whatnot was just  notnormal.  That’s why I’m called  paranormal,  idiot.

“I see.” Kat swallowed hard. “Um, now that you’re convinced that I’m not human…”

Madeline smiled in return, revealing white, gleaming teeth with incisors that were just the teensiest bit  long.  “Now we’ll discuss your qualifications, the job and any personal needs which would have to be met should you become employed with Heart’s Haven Toys.”

Kat nodded. “I’m very efficient with cleaning, which the ad mentioned as one of the job duties. Organization and cleaning are actually my strengths.”

Madeline interrupted her. “You’re a Felidae, correct?”

Struck dumb by Madeline’s ability to discern Kat’s true nature so easily, she took a moment to respond. “Yes, I am.”

“So humans would consider you an individual suffering from OCD.”

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Yeti! Were?

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Published: October 23, 2011
Length: Novel
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Sela’s a hot, curvaceous werewolf who minds her own business, and is simply trying to live a normal life. Little does she know that her world is about to come crashing down. The last thing she’s expecting is to cross paths with a yeti. But that’s exactly what happens when a crazy pack-mate locks her in a freezer. Yup, you guessed it…with a goddamn yeti. At which point, that seemingly normal life of hers begins to spiral out of control. Starting with the hotter than hot man licking his chops that’s fully intent on eating her…sadly for her, she, and not what’s between her legs is on the menu.

Though at first Yosi cursed himself for ever having stopped in this backwoods town for a bite to eat, he’s now happier than a pig in shit that he did. Because the mundane life he’s led now revolves around finding as many ways to pleasure his luscious mate, Sela, that his dirty little mind can think up.

Yeti! Were? contains the four short stories: Ice Cold Yeti, Are We There Yeti?, Yeti! Again, and Not Yeti!. These titles have been previously released with another publisher.

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They met in a meat locker. Okay, honestly, it was an industrial deep freezer, but they all looked the same to Sela. Meat lockers, freezers, all were lined in metal and cold as hell, if hell was a frozen wasteland lined with meat.

Damn her alpha Royce and his misguided acceptance of everyone. He should have killed Ron, the weasel in wolf’s fur, long ago. But no, he was the alpha’s brother, he just needed understanding, a bit of counseling and massive doses of medication and he’d be fine. Whatever. Yeah, Ron was fine all right, so fine that he had to threaten death to get a female to rut with him. Of course, she hadn’t made it any better by telling him she’d rather die than fuck him. Too bad Ron took her up on her dare. And not one of her pack stepped forward to stop him. The cowards.

Then again, Ron always was an idiot. Sure, she’d be uncomfortable in the cold locker, but the man seemed to have forgotten that she was a wolf. Not only that, it was the night of shift, the midnight moon. The moon would rise, calling to her beast, and she’d have no choice but to shift or fuck through the frenzy in order to remain human.

Survival was as easy as shifting and settling in a corner until the pack-owned meat factory opened on Monday. Too bad the pack would have to trash all of the meat in the freezer. Hey, a girl’s got to pee sometime. She’d find a nice corner on the other side of the room to take care of personal business and settle on a few boxes to laze the weekend away.

Of course, those plans were thwarted the minute he was shoved through the door. He was what she’d consider a big, hulking, tall drink of water with a bit of rum mixed in for good measure. Scratch that, he appeared to be more rum than water.

His skin carried a deep beige tone that appeared to be natural and not sun induced, as if he was from a Middle Eastern country. But he didn’t look like any Middle Easterner she’d ever seen. He. Was. Huge. Like Incredible Hulk but not green, huge.

Dressed in tight fitting, faded blue jeans and a plain white T-shirt that showed every single bulge, dip and curve of muscle, the man wasn’t exactly dressed for a weekend in the freezer. Damn. She could last all weekend, but this guy? Nah, he wouldn’t make it through the night, no matter how many muscles the man boasted.

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