Tyff wasn’t looking for love. He almost flew over it.

Tyff had always been a dedicated Preor warrior of the Third Fleet. His singular goal is to prove himself as a warrior and move up the chain of command. Yet he’s been overlooked time and again. Even more than advancement, he’s ached for a mate. Craved what he sees other Preor possess so effortlessly. But so far, the Knowing has remained absent—as has his mate.

When he’s tasked with flying over some human resistance-occupied fields, he takes his work seriously—believing in the future of combining the human and Preor species. He simply cannot understand the violence of humans and how brutal they are to each other.
It seems it only gets worse each day the Preor are present on planet Earth. Does Tyff even want a human mate considering they’re so selfish and reckless?

His choice is taken from him when he flies too near to Renay. Happy with her life in a small country town as a librarian, she’s a simple girl with simple needs.

Until Tyff gets close.

Now all bets are off and both of these souls are raging infernos of need and Knowing untill they get their hands on each other. All that pent up desire is going to make them pop. Then Tyff will understand that even with great brutality and violence, humans are capable of something even stronger.

Great love.

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Howl You Like It

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Published: September 7, 2021
Length: Novella
Genre(s): ,

Two desperate souls… William needs help and Stella needs a job. A match made in Heaven? William’s inner-wolf seems to think so...

William’s a wolf shifter restaurateur at war with himself. A past tragedy has caused discord with his wolf and now, whenever he shifts, he’s overcome with uncontrollable berserker rage.

Stella’s a witch and former therapist with her own tragic past. She’s lost her way, and now wanders through life without direction.

These two disparate souls meet at the Howl You Like It diner, William’s restaurant. That’s when the fickle finger of fate strikes, and Will discovers the truth… Stella is his mate.

Together, they whip up delectable deliciousness… both in the kitchen and out.

But William knows he can’t remain a divided man forever. He has to make peace with his wolf and get control of his life. Quickly! Because a creepy Warlock has his eyes set on Stella for a crazy magical scheme.

Can William come to terms with his wolf? Can Stella learn to trust herself again? And what really is the best dipping sauce for sweet potato fries?

They’ll answer these questions, together.

As mates.

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Feral Fated Mate

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Published: December 16, 2020
Length: Short Story
Genre(s): ,

Garran’s just a small-town werewolf in the big city, and he’s on the prowl for some action. When he catches the scent of the pixie Lurella, he knows she’s his destiny.

One problem… She’s wearing cursed shoes that make her flee from her one, true love!

How is Garran supposed to convince Lurella she’s his if he can’t even get close? Turns out Lurella’s jilted ex is a warlock and if her ex can’t have her, no one will. The warlock laid this wicked curse that will drive them apart for eternity.

But Garran won’t give up.

With his pack of wolf shifter brethren at his back, Garran is determined to find a way to be with Lurella. In order to break the curse, he’ll need to find heart, courage, tenacity and… an ice sculpture in the shape of a goat.

Can they break the curse in time for their happily ever after? Or is Lurella doomed to wear the shoes even after they go out of style?

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Published: September 24, 2020
Length: Novel
Dragons of Preor #12

Experiencing the Knowing is magical… until you have to deal with human in-laws…

Local news celebrity Sasha Dane and her mother are fixated on one goal—leverage their media presence to make life supremely difficult for the invading Preor. They want the aliens gone from Earth and for their unnatural hold on human females to end. Permanently. That’s how Sasha found herself at Preor Choosing Station Tau attending a Preor Choosing. Her job? Gather as much dirt as possible. If only that had gone according to plan…

Preor Healing Master Whelon never liked the human “cattle calls.” Where hordes of human females threw themselves at the attending Preor in hopes the Knowing would blossom. Nevertheless, he finds himself drawn to Choosing, pulled by an inexplicable force to attend. And that’s when it happened…

The Knowing. Desire. Want. Need. Hope…

Now, both Sasha and Whelon realize fate has a cruel streak. Sasha must contend with the differences between what she thought to be true—the Preor are an evil, women-stealing, vicious peoples—and reality… That the Preor cherish and love their mates and care for all human beings. Meanwhile, Whelon must realize that his fated mate has obstacles only she can fight.

Will Sasha overcome her mother’s teachings and embrace her Preor mate? Or will she deny the Knowing—deny Whelon—and curse them both to death?

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Published: July 8, 2020
Length: Novel
Dragons of Preor #11

He had thought he would never experience the Knowing. All he needed was the right woman.

After suffering a traumatic injury as a child, Dawn has lived a sheltered life under the shadow of tragedy. Despite her passion for botany, neither her family nor her limitations ever allowed her to pursue her dreams...until the day she encounters the Preor and they need help only she can provide.

Vende has grown weary. Weary of overseeing the engineering infrastructure for the Preor Third Fleet, weary of watching as his fellow warriors find their mates, and—after several failed Choosings—weary of trying to find his own. It's time he face facts and resign himself to the life of a solitary warrior. Then he meets Dawn and finally understands the full power of the Knowing.

Desire. Love. Need.

But destiny can be cruel to those it sidelines. With the fate of the Preor hanging in the balance, Vende and Dawn must face seemingly insurmountable odds to find their happily ever after--not to mention save the warrior race from extinction.

Will it be enough? Or will Dawn and Vende lose their love before it has a chance to fully blossom?

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