Angie’s Allure

Pretty boys are nothing but trouble. 

That’s what Angie thinks the moment she sees Zane. He’s too good looking. Too handsome. Too smooth. He’s got just the right words and she can tell in his eyes he’s a good man. That just means one thing and one thing only.

This boy is gonna get her in trouble. 

Sure enough, he does. He gets her in trouble with her boss. He puts her in embarrassing situations because she can’t resist him. He even gets her fired! But despite it all, there’s something else that makes up for the problems. 

He really, really loves her. 

Is that enough? Can he love her enough to make up for the fact that she can’t say no to him and he gets her into all sorts of trouble? Can he actually help her after hurting her so much? Or is she gonna have to cut him loose as a guilty pleasure she can’t afford?

Discover what happens in this thrilling BWWM romance!